8.4. Short-term controller loss

The most common cause for such type of problem is bad work of the usb-hub, cables or the virtual COM-port identification problem of the operation system on the used PC. Try to reproduce the problem on the another PC or another usb-hub if it is used.

Several solutions to the problem are suggested below:

  • Change USB cable
  • Change USB port
  • Reinstal the driver
    • You can download driver from this link
    • Instructions for reinstalling the driver can be found at this link
  • Change USB hub
  • Change PC
  • Reconnect power supply connector
  • Pay attention to electromagnetic interference

The controller to go down due to the overcurrent protection (the hard stop of the motor can lead to the current surge due to recuperation). In cases of using the big motors (which require the winding current up to 3A) or the big mechanical load on the motor a current surge may exceed the safe value that triggers the protection.


Generally the recuperation problem is common for controllers with serial number 12804 and 12617

The possible solution: is to decrease the acceleration and deceleration values of stepper motor settings (XiLab -> Settings menu -> Stepper motor tab).


Send your questions with a detailed description of the problem to tech support: