3. Quick start guide

This guide describes the operation of controller for multi-axis and one-axis systems, basic parameters configuration and getting started with XILab software for Windows 7.


For a quick start with the controller, see the Overview and getting started

  • Overview and getting started - a brief description of the beginning of work with the controller 8SMC4-USB for one axis. It is also considered quick XiLab setup and lists all necessary equipment.
  • Multiaxis system - a brief description of the beginning of work with multi-axis system based on the 8SMC4-USB controller. It is also considered XiLab setup, lists all necessary equipment and describes characteristics of the system.
  • Example of a motor connection - connection of stepper motor Nanotec ST5918L3008-B with encoder CUI INC AMT112S-V to 8SMC4-USB controller. It is described how to make your own cable, guided by the specification on the engine and explanation of the specification is given.
  • Manual profile setting - setting of working profile for XiLab. Overview of the main features.
  • Calculation of the nominal current - setting of amplitude of nominal current for stepper motors.