5.1. About XILab

XILab features a user-friendly graphical interface, which is designed for stages control, diagnostic and fine tuning of the motors driven by the controllers. XILab allows quick adjustment of connected stage by loading of previously prepared configuration files. The control process can be automated with script language that can be used either directly or to speed up the process of customized control program development. XiLab supports multiaxial mode and multidimensional control scripts. It is possible to output the data about controller and motor status in form of charts and save them to a file, or export tabular data for external processing. The software is compatible with Windows (XP SP3, Vista, 7, 8, 10, 11), Linux, MacOS Sierra and newer for intel and Apple Silicon (via Rosetta 2). Depending on the OS of your computer, appearance of some windows may vary.

Here you can find the Quick Installation Guide for the application. This chapter provides a detailed manual for the XILab software.