6.4. Libximc library timeouts

A number of timeouts and wait times are used when working with XiLab program or your own application using libximc library to detect errors and support robust controller operation. A list of times is provided below, together with reasons. Times are optimized for the USB connection on a modern PC. It is important to take delays into account when designing your own signal transmission lines to avoid erroneous timeouts.

Condition Name Time in milliseconds
Enumeration timeout. Happens if device type cannot be determined. ENUMERATE_TIMEOUT_TIME 100
Port open timeout. Happens if library cannot open port. DEFAULT_TIMEOUT_TIME 5000
Wait time when no data is received from device. DEFAULT_TIMEOUT_TIME 5000
Wait time on device open. RESET_TIME/2 50
Wait time from controller reset to device reappearance on firmware reflash. RESET_TIME * 1.2 + DEFAULT_TIMEOUT_TIME 5120
Wait time on flash sector write. FLASH_SECTIONWRITE_TIME 100
Reconnect timeout on flash update . XISM_PORT_DETECT_TIME 60000