6.1. Programming guide

The development kit can be downloaded on the Software page. It contains the compiled libximc library for Windows, Linux and Mac OS systems, the programming guide and the examples. Libximc is a cross-platform library that supports C++, C#, Delphi, Visual Basic, Matlab, Java and Python languages. The examples included in the library package are intended for quick acquaintance with the programming for XIMC controllers. The Libximc sources are also available for download.

The examples for working with LabView are provided independently.

Programming guide is included in libximc 2.X.X archive, where 2.X.X is the version number. It is located in /ximc-2.X.X/ximc/doc-en/libximc7-en.pdf. Also the programming guide can be downloaded from this link. The programming guide is Doxygen-based.