4.6.1. Zero position adjustment

Controller supports setting of zero position. This function should be used for anchor marked stages, so that anchor position matches logical zero. Also, this function is convenient to use in case there is a single chosen physical position.

To set zero position a special command is used. This will zero step/microstep position and encoder count values. Setting of zero position happens simultaneously for all position counters and will not lead to their desynchronization. Current movement command is not affected. If controller was moving to some physical position when logical position was reset to zero by this command then the movement will still end in that physical position. For example, if the controller moved towards logical position 1000 and set zero position command was sent when it was passing 200, then logical position counter will be decremented by 200 and movement will end in logical position 800.


Setting of zero position when using shift on offset (see Predefined displacement mode) will not change target physical position. Next shift will happen towards the same physical position which would have happened without zero position command.