4.3.10. Saving the parameters in the controller flash memory

The controller provides an option to save all its parameters into the non-volatile memory. The configuration is restored when the controller is powered on, after that the controller itself is instantly ready for operation. The stage requires no new adjustment every time the power is on. The controller stores its user-defined name which is useful for its further identification.

The non-volatile memory stores all the actual operating parameters of the controller related to Device section of XiLab settings menu. Either Save to flash button of XiLab program or command_save_settings function are used for it (see the Programming guide chapter).

All the configuration parameters can get restored to controller’s RAM from the non-volatile memory, not only when the power is turned on but also by clicking the Restore from flash button of XiLab program which provides the access to the data saved in the flash memory. Internally it uses command_read_settings function (see the Programming guide chapter). The restored settings become active instantly and all the modules of the controller get re-initialized.