5.5.4. Encoder specifications


The information on the “Stage -> Encoder” tab temporarily not used

Stage -> Encoder in the Application settings


Window Encoder specifications

This section contains information about encoder:

  • Manufacturer - encoder manufacturer name.
  • Part number - the catalog number.
  • Max. operating frequency - the maximum operating frequency.
  • Supply voltage - acceptable supply voltage range.
  • Max. current consumption - the maximum current consumption.
  • Pulses per revolution - pulses per single motor shaft revolution.
  • Output - differential or single-ended output.
  • Output type - electric output type (push-pull or open drain).
  • Index channel - indicates if additional index channel is present.
  • Revolution sensor - indicates if revolution sensor is present.
  • Rev.sensor active is high - if enabled then active revolution sensor state is logical 1, else it is logical 0.