1.3. Table of specifications

Power supply external 12 V - 48 V DC
Current consumption up to 5 A (depending on the voltage) from external power supply
Current in the stepper motor, BLDC motor winding up to 3 A
Current in the DC motor winding up to 6 A
Protection types current overload protection, voltage overload protection, short circuit protection, motor hotplug/unplug protection
Motion modes move left/right, move to point, shift on delta, continuous speed, acceleration and deceleration ramps, backlash compensation mode, automatic home position calibration mode
Step modes full-step, 1/2, 1/4, 1/8, 1/16, 1/32, 1/64, 1/128, 1/256
Rotation speed up to 35 000 full steps per second
Speed profile trapezoidal
Position counter 40 bit
Feedback Single-ended and differential quadrature encoder (optional)
Limit switches 2
Feedback bandwidth 200 kHz for single-ended and 5MHz for differential encoder
Sampling rate of the sync output signal 1 ms
Controller name Controller weights Controller dimensions
8SMC5 (controller board without case) 93 g 46x126,75x31,81 mm
8SMC5-USB-B8-1 500 g 66x46x114 mm
8SMC5-USB/Eth-B8-1 510 g
8SMC5-USB-B9-2 621 g 122x45x106 mm
8SMC5-USB/Eth-B9-2 631 g


The controller’s working voltage range is 12 V to 48 V DC. The voltage limits are 12 V and 50 V DC. If the voltage exceeds 50 V, the controller is guaranteed to fail. If the voltage falls below 12 V, the controller turns off.