8.11. How to get a xilab window that has disappeared off the screen?

All data from installed programs is stored in a hidden AppData folder (settings, bookmarks, history, saves, etc). One of the following steps will help you recover your lost xilab window:

Default xilab settings
Go to the directory C:\Users\<your_user>\AppData\Roaming -> find the xilab.conf folder -> rename it or delete it. After that, the xilab settings will be restored to default and all lost windows should return.

You can also manually change the window size. To do this, in the xilab.conf folder, find the file with the serial number of your controller, for example: SM123.cfg, open it with any text editor and change the fields:

position = @ Point (411 1057)
size = @ Size (722 286)

Arrange the windows in a cascade
Click the right mouse button on the taskbar. Select “cascade windows”. All open programs will appear in front of you and you can sort them.

Enable display detection
Right - click on the desktop and select “screen settings”. Then click the Open button. Windows will return the missing Windows to the screen. This helps if the problem occurs due to the presence of multiple monitors.

Change the screen resolution
Right - click on the desktop and select “screen settings”. In the window that opens, change the permission to another one that is available to you. Windows will move all Windows that go off the screen back to the display. After that, you can return the permission that you had by default.

Use the keyboard shortcut
First of all, make the “escaped” program window active. In other words, select it with the mouse on the taskbar, or use Alt+Tab to switch to it. Press Alt+space. It opens a special system menu of the active window. Then click the down arrow on your keyboard and select the second item — Move. Press Enter. Now, after pressing Enter, the window is ready to move. Press the left or right key on your keyboard and start moving the window. Continue holding the arrow key until the entire outline is on the visible desktop. Then press Enter.