8.5. USB connection loss

The most common cause of this kind of problem lies in grounding. To find out the reason for the permanent loss of the USB connection, you should:

  • If the controller and/or stage is fasten to a metal table, temporarily put something dielectric under it or transfer it to a dialectric surface;
  • Ground the computer;
  • Ground the controller;
  • Ground stage;


If the above steps eliminated the problem of losing the USB connection, then the problem was the grounding of your metal table. There were fluctuations of electrical potential on it.

  • Change USB cable. Use verified USB cables only! Damaged or low-quality USB cable may cause improper controller operation, including motor rotation errors and errors of device recognition by PC operating system. Super short cables with thick wires and screening are ideal for sustainable connection;

  • Change USB port;

  • Change PC.


    Example of correct grounding


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