4.2.11. Feedback encoder mediated

This mode of operation is optimally used in systems with large backlash to get to the desired coordinate in a few iterations, on average from 3 to 10. This mode is used for stepper motors.

For this mode, all motor parameters, including position and speed, are set and displayed directly by the encoder and have dimensions based on the encoder readings. However, in the controller the movement itself is carried out in steps.

Principle of operation: The coordinate values obtained from the external interface are converted into steps and the first iteration of the motion is performed,upon completion of which the position of the encoder is checked. Thereafter the deviation values for the new iteration are determined and a new entrance cycle is carried out. It occurs until the moment when it hits the specified coordinate with a given accuracy.

The new algorithm is available with firmware 4.3.+. Use XiLab 1.16.+ and set Feedback to Encoder mediated on the Device -> Stepper motor page.