4.2.12. Stop motion modes

There are two stop motion modes in the controller:

  • immediate stop;
  • stop with deceleration. Immediate stop

Immediate stop is initiated by the command STOP. The controller tries to instantly stop the rotation of the motor shaft. This can lead to missed steps in a stepper motor, if no feedback is used. Abrupt cessation of movement can adversely affect the equipment, for example, may shift samples on the microscope stage or require additional adjustment of the optical line after a sudden stop.


When the controller is configured to trigger a stop on the left/right limit switch, it always occurs immediately when the stage reaches the limit switch. This should be avoided. Stop with deceleration

Stop with deceleration is initiated by the command SSTP. A smooth stop occurs with deceleration Deceleration, if it is not disabled in the acceleration mode settings.


If the acceleration mode is disabled, then there is no difference between the immediate stop and the stop with deceleration. An SSTP command will then result in an immediate stop.