4.2.10. Feedback encoder

This is the mode when all parameters of the engine including position and velocity are measured directly by the encoder and are denominated basing on counts of encoder. The position is displayed directly in the encoder counts, the speed is denominated in RPM (revolutions per minute). The speed is calculated by the controller basing on the speed alteration data as well as on the number of encoder pulses per one complete revolution of the motor shaft that are displayed in feedback configuration block at the Settings of kinematics (Stepper motor), (DC motor) folder. Note that in the case of DC motor the speed maintaining mode, the mode of movement to the predefined point as well as all their derivations use PID control algorithms and the appropriate settings are required. The driving encoder mode optimizes stepper motor control, this leads to noise reducing and facilitates a stable passage of the resonant speeds with no risk of steps loss when the coordinate flounders and the recurrent calibration is required.

The new algorithm is available with firmware 4.0.7+. Use XiLab 1.13.13+ and set Feedback to Encoder on the Device -> Stepper motor page. Note, that position is in encoder counts now.