4.2.6. Rotation reversal

It is a common agreement that the coordinate increase corresponds to movement to the right, whereas its decrease corresponds to movement to the left. The rotation is to be reversed either if this rule is not satisfied due to physical stage location, or if the stage is supplied with an anchor which is pointed so that it doesn’t match coordinate increase.

The rotation reversal may be switched on in the Motor parameters block of XiLab menu. Switching this feature on will change the current coordinate sign; thus, “left” and “right” terms will get interchanged. For example, the first movement during the Home position calibration will perform physically to the opposite direction, the Left and Right commands in XILab main window will interchange, etc.


Reverse is a setting that affects the whole controller operation if changed. The previously used XiLab scripts or your own controlling programs will work differently.

Particularly, the limit switches are adjusted independently from the reverse. Thus, after switching this mode on or off, one must re-adjust them.